How convenience stores can increase revenue with bill payment solutions

Are you connected with your traditional revenue streams flat lining? As traditional revenue streams flat line, revenue generating bill payment kiosks help increase profitability and bring customers back in store. This white paper examines how bill payment kiosks can help...

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Sponsor: TIO Networks Corp.

An Introduction to Dynamic Authentication

While magnetic stripe cards are perceived as more vulnerable than EMV-enabled cards, using the mag-stripe’s unique biometrics can ensure security.

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Sponsor: MagTek

Mobile Payment in Budapest Taxis

In the last two months the option for mobile payment using QR codes, based on Cellum's technology, has been made available in the cars of one of Budapest's largest taxi companies.

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Sponsor: Cellum Group

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The challenge of creating a new payment type

Dan Glessner, the chief marketing officer at Quisk, examines the differences between companies that create a new way to pay versus the makings of a new payment type.

First Data sets its sights on mPOS market

Payment processor's acquisitions of Clover, Perka seen as strategy to protect and grow market share.

Cardis to launch low-value payments platform in US

After European trials, Dutch start-up sees chance to help U.S. retailers save on payment processing fees.

Royal Canadian Mint conducts crypto-currency trial

Participants encouraged to use government-backed virtual currency for low-value and P2P payments.

Congress digs into data breaches

With three hearings on Target/Neiman Marcus/Michael's debacles, look for the blame game to take center stage.

Will MCX eclipse branded payment networks?

A major issue clogging the road of payment evolution toward MCX is where account holders' value is stored. Another issue is the MasterCard/Visa duopoly that excludes competition. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Mobile payments can fight fraud where EMV can't

EMV deployment is a flawed approach and a fatal distraction to both issuers and consumers.

Mobile payments helping ease interchange

The growth of alternative payments gives merchants new options, which should lower fees over time.

As mobile grows, all banking channels must talk

Customers demand a seamless cross-channel experience, so why is that so hard to deliver?

5 potential game-changers for mobile payments in 2014

The rapidly shifting mobile payments landscape means we should expect some big things this year.

What does 2014 hold for mobile payments?

Is NFC dead? Is EMV alive? Will BLE rule? And will you be assimilated? Our experts weigh in.

New debit alliance aims for communal EMV standard

Deliberation over the new payment standard may be tedious, but it is essential, DNA founding member says.

It's time for banks to wake up to mPOS

Mobey Forum: As mPOS technology disrupts the Four Party Model, FIs must get in the game now.

The Internet of everything and payment by things

At the present moment, mobile payments are thought of as mostly a payment system through the use of mobile phones. These phones allow us access to our online accounts through websites and apps, and even mobile banking can allow for...

What Android's KitKat means for NFC

Pundits have focused on carrier end run but missed the upside for merchants, others.

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