Smartphone camera is focal point for mobile banking growth, Malauzai says

The smartphone camera is the perfect conduit for mobile banking innovation as accountholders embrace the idea of conducting financial business via pictures, the company says.


First Data sets its sights on mPOS market

Payment processor's acquisitions of Clover, Perka seen as strategy to protect and grow market share.

Cardis to launch low-value payments platform in US

After European trials, Dutch start-up sees chance to help U.S. retailers save on payment processing fees.

Royal Canadian Mint conducts crypto-currency trial

Participants encouraged to use government-backed virtual currency for low-value and P2P payments.

Congress digs into data breaches

With three hearings on Target/Neiman Marcus/Michael's debacles, look for the blame game to take center stage.

Will MCX eclipse branded payment networks?

A major issue clogging the road of payment evolution toward MCX is where account holders' value is stored. Another issue is the MasterCard/Visa duopoly that excludes competition. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Mobile payments can fight fraud where EMV can't

EMV deployment is a flawed approach and a fatal distraction to both issuers and consumers.

Mobile payments helping ease interchange

The growth of alternative payments gives merchants new options, which should lower fees over time.

As mobile grows, all banking channels must talk

Customers demand a seamless cross-channel experience, so why is that so hard to deliver?

5 potential game-changers for mobile payments in 2014

The rapidly shifting mobile payments landscape means we should expect some big things this year.

What does 2014 hold for mobile payments?

Is NFC dead? Is EMV alive? Will BLE rule? And will you be assimilated? Our experts weigh in.

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GoCoin to process digital currency transactions for Apriva

Strategic technology partnership allows Apriva resellers to offer merchants Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin acceptance.

PayPoint acquires Adaptis Services and snags Paris parking contract

PayByPhone, part of PayPoint PLC, today announced in a press release two recent developments, including the acquisition of Adaptis Solutions and partnership to launch cashless parking in Paris. PayPoint PLC has acquired Adaptis Services Limited, which provides a wide range...

ICP Group, payworks sign mPOS deal

ICP Group, a European point-of-sale payment service provider, has signed an agreement with payworks to provide mPOS services to its clients. ICP operates more than 120,000 POS terminals in seven European countries, serving merchants such as Aldi Nord, Burger King...

Report: Most companies that accept cards fail PCI standards

A new Verizon report has found that too many businesses, following their annual assessment for meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard , fail to maintain ongoing compliance — putting the businesses at increased risk for data breaches, and...

Target puts EMV migration on fast forward

This week, Target Corp. called for all stakeholders to take up the "shared responsibility" of payments security as it announced an accelerated timeline for its own $100 million EMV migration plan.

Mobile startup seeks to turn businesses into ATMs

A mobile payments startup aims to launch a new kind of ATM juggernaut in the U.S., one that will dispense funds from the cash-filled tills of hotels — and perhaps eventually restaurants and retail stores as well. The mobile app...

Community bankers say retailers should pay for data breaches

The costs of reissuing cards to customers after recent data breaches at major retailers should be borne by the party at fault for the breach, according to the Independent Community Bankers of America. The group today issued a statement for...

Retailers call for collaborative approach to fighting fraud

The National Retail Federation today urged Congress to take a comprehensive approach as it contemplates a national response to criminal cyberattacks in which millions of consumers' credit and debit card numbers were stolen. NRF said retailers are willing to do...

Heartland lawsuit accuses Mercury of deceptive trade practices (updated)

Jan. 31: This story has been updated to include a statement from Mercury Payment Systems. The payments processing giant Heartland Payment Systems Inc.

Mocapay reissues patents for POS integration, mobile marketing and payments

Mocapay has reissued patents for its single-use, perishable POS tokens for mobile transactions. Based in Denver, Mocapay provides technology for mobile marketing and payments. The company said its patented technology secures consumer mobile payment information while providing merchants with marketing...

UnionPay, Rêv Worldwide partner for prepaid cards

UnionPay International is to expand prepaid card issuance worldwide through a partnership with Rêv Worldwide. As part of the agreement, Rêv has become a registered non-bank third party service provider for UnionPay-branded prepaid products.

Apple in-store payments coming soon?

Recent developments at Apple signal the company plans to offer in-store mobile payments for physical goods, according to The Wall Street Journal. Discussions about Apple's interest in handling payments for physical goods and services on its devices have taken place...

KryptoKit releases Bitcoin merchant directory

Bitcoin online wallet provider KryptoKit is providing a shopping directory of e-commerce websites that accept Bitcoin for payment. Toronto-based KryptoKit specializes in encryption and digital currencies. KrypoKit announced its Bitcoin shopping directory at the first North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on Jan.

Payment processor BillingTree goes (auto)mobile with ZNAP

The Phoenix-based payment processor BillingTree has launched a suite of mobile marketing and payment products for the auto industry. BillingTree's mobile payment and lifecycle management technology allows customers to view and pay their bills by scanning QR codes with their...

iZettle releases SDK for mobile chip-and-PIN card reader

Stockholm-based iZettle has released its first software development kit for its mobile chip-and-PIN card readers and receipt printers. The SDK, a package of pre-written code that developers can use to add iZettle payment services to their apps, is available for...

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