Even the Smallest Ones Matter | Fostering Financial Inclusion for SMEs

These are without doubt very exciting times for the mobile payments industry. The ‘mobile wallet wars’ have been heating up since Apple, Google and Samsung all announced the launch of their respective m-payment services. But what we are seeing is, in my view, really just part of a much larger story arc: the mobile revolution.

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API Management and Service Creation for Mobile Operators

Are your Voice and SMS margins experiencing significant pressures? Do new revenue streams sound interesting? If so, then experts agree that it is time to shift from being a mobile service provider to a mobile service innovator and invest in the API Economy.

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SMS for mPOS services

From delivering credit card receipts to running mobile marketing campaigns - there are many ways how SMS messaging can powers mPOS services to drive their user’s loyalty and reduce costs.

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Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications

With nearly five billion mobile subscribers in the world today, mobile is here to stay. And consumers are demanding a more personal, richer mobile experience now more than ever. As text messaging has become the most popular, fastest way to...

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Mobile Messaging 101: How to Get Started in the Mobile Channel

OpenMarket’s objective is to provide the most reliable mobile messaging, delivery and payment services for companies entering the mobile market. This document serves as a basic how-to guide for companies that wish to market, sell or communicate directly to consumers via the off-portal mobile channel.

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Mobile Crediting Case Study for Coca-Cola

When Coca-Cola wanted to give away free phone credit with three of its drinks brands, it turned to OpenMarket to create “the fizz” in its offer. In a UK first, pioneered through Coke’s Gimme Credit promotion, OpenMarket enabled money to...

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OpenMarket™ CMX2 Content Management Platform

CMX2 allows you to create, manage and amend your services without requiring expensive technical development resources, enabling you to launch your services quickly and cost-effectively. CMX2 is maintained and developed by OpenMarket so that you can focus on what’s important to you – your core business and bottom line.

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OpenMarket™ MMS Overview

OpenMarket provides exceptional mobile messaging and delivery services for your programs on the largest, most reliable and scalable mobile transaction network available. Our deep knowledge of MMS can help your business deliver the latest in graphics, video, audio, and applications directly to consumers.

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OpenMarket™ Mobile Payments Overview

Leveraging our extensive mobile operator relationships and market expertise, our payments platform allows you to offer a variety of payment options to consumers on any operator network and any device type. Simply put, we provide a convenient, safe, and dependable...

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