How gaming business grew in figures - Implementing Centili direct mobile billing in Italy

This Case Study details the benefits brought to a gaming business using Infobip’s mobile payments solution. The featured company (Nordeus) implemented direct carrier billing to monetize their Top Eleven sports game, one of the most popular Facebook games ever, boasting...

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Infobip / Centili

What is Apple Pay & how does it work? ebook

Discussion around near field communications (NFC) technology has been raging for many years. The technology is finally becoming the standard method of making an in-store payment with a mobile device, with the launch of solutions like Apple Pay guaranteeing its future.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Bell ID

Mobile Wallets 101

This report provides an introduction to mobile wallets, and explains why they should accept mobile proximity/point-of-sale payments through their own mobile app, through financial institution-issued mobile wallets, and through third-party mobile wallets.

Type: Guide

Sponsor: Mobile Payments Today

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How to fight mobile app piracy

Mobile apps are powerful, cool and ubiquitous. And criminals are finding they are also vulnerable.

Child excesses test in-app mobile payments

Parental finger-wagging falls short, but lawsuits do not mean game over ... yet

Boku brings new carrier billing option to 300M gamers

Carrier biller partners with online gaming platform Bigpoint.

Amazon's bi-modal purchasers

Amazon seems to think that there is a market for virtual coins. The company revealed the possibility of a customer buying apps or in-app purchases with their credit card or virtual coins.

Which app stores keep their developers happy?

Bango survey on app store payment processes takes the temperature of the global developer community.

BancBox makes everyone a bank

Through its new platform, BancBox gives developers flexibility in integrating payment transactions.

New Facebook app center launches

Facebook launches portal for users to discover, download mobile apps.

BOKU inks T-Mobile agreement

Direct carrier biller signs agreement to provide payment services to wireless provider's subscribers.

Google telling game developers to 'Use Google Wallet or else'

(UPDATED) Search giant reportedly tells developers to use its payment method or see games banned from Google Play.

Paytoo growing through partnerships in Latin America

Paytoo to offer services to Central and South America by teaming with local providers

Payment gamification

Making a game out of mobile payments may be exactly what's necessary to spur adoption.

Is direct operator billing the next big thing in mobile payments?

Allowing consumers to put purchases on their phone bill has advantages, so how big will it get?

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Millions of online gamers around the world are enhancing their experiences by purchasing virtual goods and services with real money.