Mobile Wallets 101

This report provides an introduction to mobile wallets, and explains why they should accept mobile proximity/point-of-sale payments through their own mobile app, through financial institution-issued mobile wallets, and through third-party mobile wallets.

Type: Guide

Sponsor: Mobile Payments Today

Executive Brief: 2016 Mobile Payments State of the Industry

With comparative data for the U.S. going back to 2011 and the U.K. for the last two years, this report will give you insight into how quickly the industry can change. A shocking shift in consumer sentiments is revealed!

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Mobile Payments Today

What is Apple Pay & how does it work? ebook

Discussion around near field communications (NFC) technology has been raging for many years. The technology is finally becoming the standard method of making an in-store payment with a mobile device, with the launch of solutions like Apple Pay guaranteeing its future.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Bell ID

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CETW12: NFC isn't just about mobile payments

Consumer engagement experts see NFC as a technology with uses beyond enabling mobile payments.

CETW: The integration of mobile, digital signage and kiosks

Digital Signage Today editor Christopher Hall talks to 3Seventy about integration trends and impacts.

CETW: Benefits of an ISV program

Seiko's Adam Ortlieb talks about a partnership program that is providing seamless tech integration for end-users.

CETW: Cell-phone charging kiosk

This Frank Mayer & Associates kiosk serves travelers by drawing them to a Hudson International News airport store for free cell-phone charging.

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