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Infobip Mobile payments solution named Centili is the fastest and the most convenient way to pay online. Our local presence and global coverage can be a great support for your business.

Technological excellence:

  • Premium SMS, DMB, WAP billing or mWallets - integrate different payment flows, keep user experience high.
  • 24/7/365 support, in any time zone.
  • Android library - integration is seamless, fast and secure. Simply import the Android library into your application and start with in-app payments.

Product features:

  • Partner Panel is a tool that enables merchants to generate revenue reports, monitor transactions in real time and track payouts.
  • Payment Widget integrates into web sites or native smartphone applications and is used by consumers as they pay with their mobile phones.
  • In-App payments – one click payment for your app.
  • Fully automated Subscription Management System (recurring billing) - buying virtual goods of any kind now can be charged daily, weekly and monthly, while flexible payout rates enable merchants to set the price.
  • Self-Care portal for your buyers to track their payment process.

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  Products and Services
  • White labeled mobile payment platform

    White labeled mobile payment platform

    For any successful business, brand visibility and unique look and feel is a must. Through Centili platform you can chose from a set of white labeled options and start your reselling business today.

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  • Unified Payment API

    Unified Payment API

    You are already in mobile payment business, and want to expand your capabilities to direct carrier billing? You can connect with Centili Unified Payment API.

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  • Bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS

    If you are looking to advertise products, send business notifications, immediately deliver a critical message or alert, there is no better solution available than Infobip’s bulk SMS.

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  • Infobip 2 Way SMS

    Infobip 2 Way SMS

    SMS messaging is an excellent way of reaching out to people, but there are times when a response is what really matters for your organisation. Listen to your customers; 2 Way SMS allows you to receive valuable feedback.

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  • Infobip USSD solution

    Infobip USSD solution

    With USSD technology, surveys, account management services and other interactive transactions can be easily performed on mobile devices.

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  • Infobip Push Notifications

    Infobip Push Notifications

    Push notifications allow you to send messages to those who have installed your application. Keep your clients informed and engaged.

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