The world's greatest use of mobile payment technology yet: the pizza magnet

March 27, 2012

While big pizza chains have been progressive in launching mobile and online ordering apps, the Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has made things even more convenient. With one quick touch of their pizza box-shaped VIP Fridge Magnet, guests' favorite pizza order will be communicated to the business and delivery will be set into motion.

According to Mashable, the magnet communicates to the business through a Bluetooth connection on a smartphone. Once pressed, Red Tomato Pizza sends a confirmation text and then delivers a pizza.

Customers can change their pizza selections at any time online.

The technology was created by the Dubai-based wood-fired pizza restaurant.

Chip Chick, a technology and gadgets blog, has called the magnet the "most important pizza innovation of the century."

"It can't be stressed how huge of a deal this is for delivery junkies. Sure, some people like variety, but I'm betting more people than would cop to it usually just stick to their old favorites. Being able to do that by pressing a button on the fridge? The only problem would be the weight gain. I think that's best lamented over a slice of pepperoni and cheese," the blog wrote.

Red Tomato Pizza has released two videos on YouTube. The first one shows how the process works, but the second one is funnier:

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