Paydiant, Menusoft launch mobile wallet-based pay-at-the-table solution

Feb. 25, 2013

Menusoft has integrated the Paydiant mobile wallet and offer redemption solution into its Digital Dining restaurant management and point-of-sale software system. The Paydiant solution will enable pay-at-the-counter, pay-at-the-tablet/handheld and pay-at-the-table mobile wallet capabilities for 50,000 customers who use Menusoft Digital Dining.

In addition to new payments capabilities, the platform gives restaurants the ability to send and redeem branded mobile offers configured to their specific marketing needs. And, using the integrated solution, Digital Dining customers can accept payments of all types, and issue their patrons digital receipts.

"Our customers' businesses are increasingly mobile, so meaningful mobile innovation is one of our most important areas of focus and investment," said Andre Nataf, senior business development manager at Menusoft. "Pay-at-the-table, for example, reduces the number of trips required to the table to settle a check. That differentiating experience improves operational efficiencies through quicker table-turn, and consequently increases customer convenience and loyalty."

To use the service, the end customer simply downloads a restaurant's branded mobile wallet app and links payment cards to it. At the restaurant, the customer uses the app to scan a QR code on a payment terminal or a receipt at the table and complete payment, choosing payment type and offers to redeem from data stored in the wallet.

Paydiant's cloud-based mobile payment process eliminates the need for the end customer to store personal or account information on the phone itself or to pass that information through a POS system.

"Mobile wallet capabilities add tremendous value in speed, convenience and security for restaurateurs and retailers, as well as for their guests," said Chris Gardner, co-founder of Paydiant. "With Paydiant's solution, that value is delivered without creating new complexities in the payment process. Because Paydiant's mobile wallet and offer redemption platform is a software-only, cloud-based solution, restaurateurs and retailers can accept Paydiant mobile payments and offers using their existing POS infrastructure, and consumers can install and use the mobile wallets on their existing iPhone and Android smartphones."

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