MPOS makes it to Colombia through CHARGE Anywhere, RBM partnership

Nov. 20, 2012

Charge Anywhere LLC, a mobile payment and payment gateway provider, announced that it's teaming with RBM/Redeban Multicolor S.A., MasterCard Worldwide' s franchise manager for the country of Colombia. With RBM, Charge Anywhere will deploy a mobile point-of-sale technology to Colombian merchants that will allow them to accept credit and debit cards using smartphones.

Like other mobile POS solutions, Charge Anywhere's product uses a card-reading dongle attached to an Android, iOS or BlackBerry device, along with an app, to process electronic transactions. Aimed at small merchants, the solution charges a nominal fee on every transaction but gives merchants the ability to accept credit and debit cards, including EMV smartchip cards and NFC.

"At RBM we are committed to the people of Colombia, to our stakeholders and we continue to invest, implement and maintain the most modern, secure and efficient payment systems within the region," said Valetin Echeverry, RBM's vice president of technology. "We see mobile payments as a mission-critical tool to bridge the gap for electronic payment acceptance between the larger business owners capable of accepting electronic payments, and the many growing small and medium businesses established within the region."

Echeverry said RBM's goal is to bring electronic payment acceptance to areas of Columbia where consumers and businesses previously have not had the benefit of electronic payments. This effort will support the Columbian government's initiative to extend financial inclusion to unbanked citizens, he said.

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