Moosejaw now offering mobile checkouts

March 13, 2012

Moosejaw, an outdoor gear and apparel retailer, is now equipped to perform customer checkouts from anywhere in its stores. It recently deployed Lin?a-pro from Infinite Peripherals Inc. (IPC) in conjunction with Apple iPod touch fourth-generation devices to offer faster and more convenient check-out options.

Adding a 1-D or 2-D barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader to an iPhone or iPod touch, the Lin?a-pro, along with software applications like the Crossview POS system that Moosejaw uses, creates a mobile, handheld POS device that leads to faster transactions, greater customer interaction, higher conversion and more floor space, Eoin Comerford, senior vice president of marketing and technology for Moosejaw, said in a company press release.

"The Lin?a-pro has allowed us to increase the speed of our customer service without additional staff or bulky POS machines, and the staff and customers love the experience," he said. "In fact, one customer who had been in our Ann Arbor store called back and said that she wanted to get another jacket but had kids in the car so asked if we could run out and ring her up at the curb. No problem."

Working with a mobile POS application, the Lin?a-pro can conduct inventory operations and corporate communications, as well as access the Internet and Intranet. Such POS applications can accept customer signatures, and purchased receipts can be wirelessly printed or e-mailed.

Versions of the Lin?a-pro are available for the iPod touch fourth generation and iPhone 4/4S. Coming soon are a Lin?a-pro Tab for the iPad second generation, along with a Lin?a-pro Pin-Pad, which includes a smartcard reader and a touch-capacitive keyboard, along with a magnetic card reader and an optional 1-D or 2-D scanner.

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