Axfood, Seamless complete m-payment deployment across Sweden

Dec. 12, 2012

Seamless and Axfood have completed their rollout of the largest mobile payment deployment in Sweden and it took in only 13 days. This was no small feat either. The deployment of Seamless SEQR  mobile payment system, announced in October, involved activating 2,400 checkouts at 380 Axfood chain stores throughout Sweden.

Peter Fredell, president and CEO of Seamless, contended that the fast rollout shows the ease of integrating the company's mobile payment solution. "The extremely short times for installation, and the simplicity, show the strength of our solution," he said.

Now with SEQR installed at the pont of sale, Axfood customers can pay for their purchases using their mobile devices to scan a QR code sticker affixed to the point-of-sale device. The sticker identifies the POS terminal and the purchase and sends the purchase amount to the SEQR app on the user's phone. The user then enters a PIN to approve the purchase amount, which is debited from a bank account connected to the payment app. (The video below from SEQR shows how the system works.)

According to Seamless, the system is both faster for consumers and cheaper for merchants, as it bypasses the card networks.

SEQR will go live this week at participating Axfood locations. Stores will display signs to promote the payment method.

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