Thomas Yohannan / Thomas focuses on the convergence of technology, law and media. He is interested in all things mobile and payments-related. Thomas holds a JD from the University of Southern California and an MBA from New York University

The growing role of the ATM

When you look at the demise of stores like Best Buy and Blockbuster, it's easy to see why physical retail stores, at least mid-market ones, are going out of business. The value proposition these stores used to afford to the consumer is simply not there anymore, because the Internet makes things cheaper and more robust.

The Internet of everything and payment by things

At the present moment, mobile payments are thought of as mostly a payment system through the use of mobile phones. These phones allow us access to our online accounts through websites and apps, and even mobile banking can allow for...

Government payments

As a result of the recent IRS scandal, I am pretty sure credit card charges for government employees will draw extra scrutiny. There are some 3.5 million charge card accounts in the General Services Administration's SmartPay program, according to the federal government's procurement titan.

Amazon's bi-modal purchasers

Amazon seems to think that there is a market for virtual coins. The company revealed the possibility of a customer buying apps or in-app purchases with their credit card or virtual coins.

Mobile commerce in meetings and travel

Mobile commerce in the meetings and travel space will be an exciting development because of the need and opportunity for disruption within many facets of the market. It’s an industry that has long prided itself on relationships, not an unfair statement because most industries do.

A Mobile Sales Tax?

Mobile shopping on CyberMonday was huge! According to the PayPal data there was a 552 percent increase in global mobile payment volume on Cyber Monday 2011 compared to 2010. The global mobile payment volume also experienced a 154 percent increase...

A history lesson and European money

How will today's economic and social turmoil affect the way mobile payments are regulated?

Payment gamification

Making a game out of mobile payments may be exactly what's necessary to spur adoption.

It's checkout time

Nordstrom's new tablet makes checking out a part of the "story" of shopping.

The mobile supermarket

Tesco’s virtual supermarket is a wonderful blend of retail and technology which opens a new realm for marketing.

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