Ilan Oosting / Ilan is one of the founders and current CEO of JMango. As CEO, Ilan has been key to JMango’s rapid growth, responsible for setting the strategic direction for the company and securing key alliances and partnerships with telecom operators, distribution partners and payment and content providers. Based in Hong Kong, Ilan is passionate about the way in which mobile and payments are rapidly changing how we live and interact.
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The Philippines is ripe for mobile remittances

Filipinos and mobile share a special relationship. With a mobile penetration of over 100 percent, almost everyone in the country has a mobile device.

Mobile payments should be fun

Ask yourself, what are the most popular mobile apps out there? Now let's have a little experiment. Ask your friends if you can have a look at the apps installed on their mobile devices.

Mobile and money remittance: A perfect match

There are real benefits money remittance companies can have by embracing a mobile-first strategy. In fact, when it comes to financial institutions, I believe that mobile and money remittance are the perfect match.

After a natural disaster, mobile payments can speed the inflow of monetary aid

Mobile technology has evolved to the point where it is in almost everyone's pockets, and that can make a big difference in the event of natural disaster. Japan's tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and typhoon Haiyan, all of these...

Balancing mobile payments security vs. ease of use

Mobile is all about ease of use. The key reason why mobile apps use has skyrocketed is because they are so easy to pick up and use on a whim.

How mobile POS and payment systems prevent fraud

Mobile payment technologies actually provide more safeguards than current payment methods.

Feature Phones are Key to Mobile Payments Adoption

Mobile payment are smartphone solutions in a feature phone world.

Tales from the East

Look to Asia Pacific to see where the real action is in mobile payments.

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