David W. Schropfer / David W. Schropfer is the co-founder of the Luciano Group, an international consulting firm, where he is responsible for strategic development and negotiation for the firm and its clients in the areas of mobile payments, partnership agreements, and interconnections. He is also the author of The Smartphone Wallet - Understanding the Disruption Ahead, the first book on mobile payments for consumers and retailers.
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Seven myths about the new credit card fees you have to pay

What you think you know about the credit card fees is probably wrong.

The top 8 features of the Square/Starbucks launch

Square launched at Starbucks today, and it is an interesting step forward in the world of mobile commerce – not just for Starbucks, but for other Square retailers. For all of the good and not-so-good features of Square’s new app,...

Five reasons the iPhone 5 excludes NFC

Based on Apple's press conference on September 12, their strategy can be described as: change customer behavior now, encourage an upgrade later. The Apple wallet is going to be called “Passbook.” It works without an NFC chip, relying instead on...

PayPal introduces 'bypass' model to retail payments

Are payment companies about to see themselves undermined?

Contactless EMV - What is the value to retailers?

Retailers often ask, “What new POS equipment should I buy?” My answer has been the same for almost 4 years: “Nothing, yet.” My logic is this: The upcoming liability shift occurs in October 2015 for merchants that have not deployed...

Bold statement from an industry leader

When VeriFone speaks, they often reveal the next advances in Mobile Commerce. They spoke clearly at the GSMA conference earlier this month regarding both Near Field Communications (NFC) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). In October of 2010 when VeriFone announced...

Pay Industry Pressure Past the Red Line (and Growing)

Published with permission from the author. This post originally appeared on peHUB. The payments industry manages almost $5.5 trillion in the US every year, and about $13 trillion worldwide.

New mobile commerce industry outlook presented at PrePaid Press Expo in Las Vegas

Panelists at the recent Prepaid Expo in Las Vegas provided some insights into where mobile payments is heading.

Google Wallet will be more secure than plastic credit/debit cards

The combination of security features in Google's mobile payment product is stronger than plastic cards alone.

VeriFone defines next generation of mobile commerce services with PAYMEDIA

VeriFone has crystallized its long-term position in a pivotal announcement today about new product determined to put the VeriFone POS devices at the coveted center of payments, loyalty, and mobile commerce industries. As reported by American Banker this morning, VeriFone’s...

Will retailers use "tender steering" to control interchange fees?

A process called “tender steering” is new to most retailers.  It means that a retailer can provide incentives to customers to use a particular type of card to pay.

The key to Amazon's mobile payments strategy: know JACC

Last week, Bloomberg.com reported that Amazon.com’s “Amazon Payments” unit is working on a mobile solution based on Near Field Communication (NFC). But an analysis of the potential business models and revenues strategy of Amazon all but precludes NFC as the...

Combining payments and loyalty programs

How loyalty and convenience will foster mobile payment adoption.

PayPal rolls out micropayments -- is brick and mortar next?

PayPal’s announcement yesterday rolls out micropayments (transactions under $12) for online purchases, and further improves their position for a large stake in the mobile payments arena. But how would they leverage this micropayment capability at a brick-and-mortar store? One possibility is the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach, as shown in the diagram.

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