Cherian Abraham / Cherian is a Mobile Payments Advisor with Experian Global Consulting. He is also an advisor to ModoPayments. As a mobile payments veteran and founder of Drop Labs, Cherian has worked with leading banks, retailers, mobile platform providers and startups in this space. Opinions expressed here are strictly his own, not that of Experian.
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Apple in payments: Bluetooth edition

Cherian Abraham from Experian Global Consulting examines how Apple might enable payments at the point-of-sale in the next iPhone.

Apple in payments: a disruptor's dilemma

Cherian Abraham, who is the mobile commerce and payments lead at Experian Global Consulting, dives into what we could see happen in the next iPhone.

Tokens and traditionalists in the NFC/HCE argument

Two recent comments led to this commentary. One was by David Marcus of Paypal, who long held fast to his belief that NFC-based payments had high barriers to entry such as cost and complexity while offering very little upside.

Return of NFC: The Curse of the Secure Element

This post is in response to the recent Bankinter story of NFC payments at the point-of-sale without requiring an SE — and the lack of any real detail around how it plans to achieve that goal. I am not privy...

Smells like innovation

Big news with Chase entering in to a 10 year expanded partnership with Visa to create a ‘differentiated experience’ for its merchants and consumers. I would warn anyone thinking “offers and deals” when they hear “differentiated experience," because I believe...

Google Wallet takes off the training wheels

At midnight yesterday, Google sent me an email on how the new GoogleWallet update will now allow me to store my "Citi MasterCard" online. As other Google Wallet aficionados may recall (Bueller..? Bueller..?), Citi was the lone standout in Google Wallet's journey to the cloud and its race to conformity.

MCX - MerChants reduX

Recently, I spent an hour chatting with friends of mine who launched a small business about what worked and what didn’t. When the topic veered off to card acceptance costs, the reaction was visceral – one of absolute loathing and the struggle to understand the myriad ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of what cards to accept and how to accept them.

There and back again: a customer journey with PayPal

I remember creating my PayPal account back in 2000 when an acquaintance of mine wanted to split the lunch tab with me and sent me $20 via email a couple of days later. I remember hurriedly opting to cash out via check, having little trust in a newfangled payment startup.

Let's talk about fraud

I am in Vegas and I am fascinated by my room key. This is not the usual "insert into the slot, wait for it turn green or hear it chime" key cards; these are 'tap and hold to a door scanner till the door opens' RFID key card.

Isis, it's not you; it's your business model

Is Google Wallet making a comeback before Isis even shows up?

Moving beyond lip service: mobile wallets and the under/unbanked

Everyone and their uncle are tripping over themselves in a race to launch a mobile wallet, or at least talk about an intent to produce one in time. Judging by the number of initiatives out there (or soon to be),...

Wake up, Google! Part 3

What does Google do with Google Wallet now?

Wake up, Google! Part 2

What can Google do with Google Wallet now?

Wake up, Google!

What can Google do with Google Wallet now?

Carriers: We're here to help!

Carriers view mobile payments as a new way to stay relelvant. But will they?

IPhone 5, NFC and IWallet - pick any two

Being on Week 3 of a self imposed Google Wallet embargo, I had instead been writing about the ongoing turf wars between platform providers and carriers, which is starting to sound like an episode of "Mob Wives." Though the bulk...

On the road with Google Wallet

I rode about 900 miles in the last four days, cutting across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to be together with my family for Christmas. I figured this would be a good time to put my new Galaxy Nexus and the Google Wallet app through its paces.

Trouble brewing for Google Wallet

How does Google Wallet surmount the growing number of obstacles to adoption?

Google Wallet: A missed opportunity?

Despite the fanfare, the Google Wallet isn't a total success.

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