Bruce Burke / The organizer of the Social Mobile Payments conference series is a pioneer in e-POS. Burke has extensive knowledge in electronic transactions, and mobile commerce. His experience includes product development, project management and brand marketing including his current work in mobile money ecosystems and its integration into existing economies.
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Changing of the guard in Generation M

In the days of yore there were credit cards, banks and money remitters – each group had its leading companies and business was pretty much status quo. There wasn’t much new; financial products were kind of bland and nothing really happened other than a few mergers and acquisitions.

No doot aboot it

Canada is angling to become a world leader in mobile payments.

It's all about the data in Generation-M

Is big data worth more than big fees in the evolving world of payments?

Mobile money: from infancy to intrinsic

Will Apple's Passbook move mobile money out of its infancy?

Google Wallet: Connecting the dots in Generation-M

Mobile payments still has a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.

Numbers: the universal language of Generation M

Mobile Payments Today blogger Bruce Burke convened the "Social, Mobile, Payments" conference in Orlando, Fla. earlier this month.

Virtual Vegas: Cashless in Generation M!

Exploring mobile money and cashless alternatives in Sin City.

Picture Perfect - processing images in Generation-M

How image capture technology may affect the development of mobile transactions.

M2M: Mobile to machine in Generation-M!

CTIA conference highlights the future for mobile payments in a machine-to-machine world

Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration: A Modern Business Model For Generation-M!

As mobile and financial services converge, cooperation and collaboration are more important than ever.

Mobile money services: The Human Network

The evolution of mobile money isn't all about technology.

What's in MY wallet?

What am I doing personally to move mobile money ahead?

Towards a global, interoperable mobile money network

Organizations worldwide are looking to create a mobile money ecosystem to increase financial inclusion

Thinterface: Moore's Law and mobile payments

In January of this year I ignored blizzard warnings and made a trek to New York City to participate in the First Annual Mobile Payments Conference being held at the iconic New Yorker Hotel. I was one of the lucky few whose flight wasn’t impeded by the thick blanket of snow that was dumped on the Northeast that week.

Convergence: social, mobile and payments

As social, mobile and payments combine, the possibilities for commerce seem limitless.

Smartphone wallets? That's so 2010. T-Commerce in Generation-M!

Do you want to be ahead of the curve? Don't think mobile; think tablets.

The impetus for consumers' involvement in mobile money ecosystems

In my first column for Mobile Payments Today, I defined our current decade with a “handle” that summarizes a concept everyone can easily grasp: “Generation-M”. I spoke of how there are many changes taking place and how mobile money, payments...

Welcome to Generation M

Since this is my first blog for Mobile Payments Today under the title of “It’s Generation-M,” I thought it would be a good idea to define Generation-M to help you understand what I’ll be rambling on about in the weeks...

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