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How convenience stores can increase revenue with bill payment solutions

Are you connected with your traditional revenue streams flat lining? As traditional revenue streams flat line, revenue generating bill payment kiosks help increase profitability and bring customers back in store. This white paper examines how bill payment kiosks can help...

Mobile Payment Strategies and Utility Companies

TIO Networks recently surveyed a number of their Utility and Service Companies to understand their thoughts on and plans for launching a mobile bill payment application.

Building a Mobile Bill Payment Strategy

Still trying to figure out how to fit mobile apps into your bill payment strategy? You’re not alone. With the growing evolution towards a mobile, digital world, companies and organizations continue to look for answers to their concerns. Tio Networks can help.

A key question your smartphone customers will be asking you this new year about mobile payments.

Did you know that over 38% of your customers likely have smartphones? This number has been growing by 50% annually since 2009. It is projected more than half the US population will be carrying a smartphone by 2015!

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