The Merchant or ATM passes the Qwick Code on to its Payment Gateway, Network or Processor.

The Payment Gateway, Network and Processors have an established, secure SSL channel with Magensa. net with Digital Certificates on both sides. The Qwick Code is authenticated and securely exchanged for the actual card swipe data.

This process allows the consumer to maintain and secure their own card swipe data while the Merchant and ATMs have no direct access to sensitive, personally identifiable information.

Consumers can generate an unlimited number of Qwick Codes that they can securely store in their Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet. They set the dollar limit, an expiration date, even a password for a second factor of authentication.

When the Payment Gateway, Network or Processor submits a Qwick Code to, the magstripe swipe data and an optional encrypted PIN block is returned. This data is inserted into the authorization request message, and is passed through the usual payment infrastructure.

This method provides the consumer with total control over the transaction. The Merchant/ATM gets what it needs: a signature, a swipe, an encrypted PIN and the amount he will be paid for the goods and services to be delivered. The Payment Processor/Network receives what it needs to request authorization and return the appropriate message back to the Merchant/ATM.

Products and Services

iDynamo Secure Card Reader Authenticator

The iDynamo lets mobile merchants accept secure card present payments anytime, anywhere.  It encrypts at point of swipe, providing maximum data security for mobile payments. Learn more »

BulleT wireless secure card reader authenticator

The BulleT is a wireless secure card reader authenticator.  It is easy to operate, rugged and offers a Bluetooth wireless interface. Plus it provides maximum security protection for your mobile payment needs by leveraging the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture (MSA). Learn more »

IPAD® PIN Transaction Device

The IPAD® delivers speed and convenience to customers’ PIN based financial transactions while providing a comprehensive end-to-end security solution. Learn more »

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