How to attract accounts (and keep them) with mobile card services

In a mobile banking world, the place to be is top-of-wallet. A March 26 webinar will share insights on how to get there — and stay there.

Execs from, Mass. Div. of Banks headline speaker lineup for Virtual Currency Today Summit

The Virtual Currency Today Summit takes place April 29 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay.

Webinar: How operators can seize the carrier billing opportunity

As the app economy continues its explosive growth, the world’s mobile network operators (MNOs) are fighting tenaciously to secure their share of the revenue that’s flowing across their networks. As this battle rages, carrier billing is emerging as the most powerful weapon in the MNO armory.

Is Bitcoin the Future of Currency?

This infographic explains some of Bitcoin’s basic elements, including how to use it and some finer points about its volatile nature.

Social Commerce: The New Internet Frontier

People have been recommending products to friends through social media for years, but social commerce will give users the opportunity to make direct, one-click purchases of recommended items.

Webinar: How Travelocity Increased Conversion, Engagement on its Mobile Apps

As part of its company ethos, Travelocity is dedicated to the positive experience it can provide its customers. In this webinar, you’ll learn about Travelocity’s use of Jumio’s Netswipe, the credit card scanning and validation tool and how it offers...

Mobile Wallets: Moving Beyond Pilots

A complete buy-in from all participants is necessary for mobile payments to achieve full potential.

Top 11 Most Influential People in Mobile Payments (2013)

Who has had the biggest influence on the mobile payments industry in 2013?

Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]

We're nowhere near banishing credit cards or cash just yet, but it's clear that paying with a mobile device is gaining traction.

Asia-Pacific Mobile Operators Can Create New Revenue Streams with Direct Operator Billing

Operators can tap consumers who are looking for easy-to-use payment options.

Enhance Payments Security with Mobile Apps

New apps can protect vulnerable credit card numbers from fraud risks.

Webinar: Mobile App Monetization - Finding Loyal Users Who Engage and Transact

With over a million apps vying for space on consumers' devices, what does a developer have to do to do to get some attention? It turns out simply building an app doesn't guarantee anyone will download and use it. And that challenge is made even more difficult for developers hoping to monetize their efforts.

An Explanation of NFC

Smartphones can enable a broad range of new NFC-enabled experiences, but supporting back-end systems must be in place.

Infographic: The High Stakes World of Mobile Payments

Many companies are going "all-in" for a share of the global mobile payments market. This infographic illustrates the players in the game and what's at stake.

Three Benefits of a Cloud-Based Integrated POS Solution

Merchants can benefit from increased flexibility, information management and security by tapping into the cloud.

How to Select a Mobile POS Solution

When choosing to integrate mobile payments into a POS system, considerations include cost of components and transaction volume.

Improving Mobile Payment Security with One-Time Use Token Codes

Putting the security of card data in the hands of consumers could overcome fears of the mobile wallet.

What is a mobile payment? [Infographic]

There's a surprising amount of misinformation and confusion being sown about mobile payments. (Even by well-meaning news organizations and reputable tech sites.) Mobile Payments Today felt it was time to cut through the hype and clear things up... with an infographic.

An Introduction to Dynamic Authentication

While magnetic stripe cards are perceived as more vulnerable than EMV-enabled cards, using the mag-stripe’s unique biometrics can ensure security.

Integrating POS Systems with Mobile Payments

Implementing a mobile payments solution doesn't have to be expensive. In this free guide, learn best practices for integrating mobile payments, how to calculate ROI and understand PCI requirements.

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