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What is a mobile payment? I get that question — a lot. There's a surprising amount of misinformation and confusion being sown about mobile payments. (Even by well-meaning news organizations and reputable tech sites.)

And then there's the hype. Whether it's a payment company executive promising the "end of the physical wallet," or investors claiming there's a "gold rush" going on, the mobile payment space is plenty hyped.

We at Mobile Payments Today felt it was up to us to cut through the hype and clear things up. And we knew just the tool: an infographic. We developed a highly detailed, informative chart that will help you understand the basics of mobile payments and why everyone is paying so much attention to them. (We were even able to work in the ever-popular "bacon meme" into our infographic!)

Click here for the full-sized mobile payment infographic. Grab the code at the bottom of the page if you want to post it on your site. We hope you share it far and wide. (And feel free to send it to your favorite tech bloggers the next time they say Square and Google Wallet are competitors. Show them you know more, thanks to Mobile Payments Today.)

The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever 

Download and print the infographic as a PDF.



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  • Ward Hagenaar
    Great format to clear things up! We could also categorize into two simple versions of mobile payments, proximity and remote. Both can be used with any payment method, authentication method, in closed or open fashion and via any payment channel. Elements for a definition of mobile payments are the consumer control on authentication and authorization of a payment.
  • Dan Stiel
    Now I get it! Clever, too. Thanks, James.
  • Robert Tarragano
    This is a nice graphic to illustrate a rather complex business environment.
    It is a useful resource in providing all involved a quick snapshot of what is currently in process with regards to mobile payments.

    Do you have plans to update this on a regular basis?
  • James Wester
    Robert -

    Yes! We will be updating this infographic. The original version was simply meant to help those of us who write, analyze and follow this industry explain to our families and friends what the heck we're talking about most of the time. In the process it became a very useful tool. As things change, we will update the information, the companies and the issues. (We have also been asked to increase the amount of animal-related factoids substantially as well.)

    Glad you liked it!
  • Bruce Burke
  • Jeffen Cheung
  • Richard Leyland
    Enjoyed this - It's great stuff.

    *Puts work hat on* In the Direct Carrier Billing section you missed the global leader, Bango (for whom I work). We provide carrier billing services for the world's largest app stores and brands, including Facebook, RIM, Amazon...

    Richard Leyland
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