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Mobile banking is on the rise for more reasons than convenience. In truth, it’s more secure than traditional online baking. Accessing your bank's mobile website or using your bank's mobile application is inherently more secure than using a computer.


Computers are big targets for thieves. PCs mostly run on Microsoft’s most hacked operating system, they typically contain a great deal of data and they are vulnerable to viruses created by criminal hackers.

Over the past decade, criminals have learned the ins and outs of exploiting online banking using PCs. In the past 15 years or so, the desktop computer has been hacked in every possible way, making the computer and the data it contains and transmits extremely vulnerable to fraud.

Mobile banking, on the other hand, is relatively new – the operating systems vary, viruses and other malware aren’t as prevalent and the technologies in handsets themselves vary greatly among manufacturers.

Computers are still the “low hanging fruit” while mobile phones aren’t as attractive because computers are so vulnerable.

The mobile carriers’ networks are more difficult to hack than your home or local coffee shop’s wireless network. Mobile networks, such as 3G and 4G, have a much higher level of encryption and aren’t open like broadband internet, meaning you can’t just jump on someone’s 3G connection in most cases.

With mobile banking there is the added benefit of additional layers of authentication, in which the account holder authorizes various transactions via text message, or call backs with an additional code, making mobile banking even more secure.

As mobile banking becomes more popular, investigate it and try it for yourself. You will love the convenience and appreciate the security.

Robert Siciliano is a consultant and identity theft expert and contributor to Just Ask Gemalto. To visit his YouTube channel, click here.

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  • Mark Sitkowski
    Online banking is only hazardous if your bank isn't using the latest authentication technology. This technology is being implemented by two banks in the U.S and one in Hong Kong, and is being evaluated by a European bank, in the wake of the report which stated that ATM crime is up 63% in Europe.
    Basically, it means that the following security scenario is no longer a problem:
    Your ATM card is stolen, on the back of which you have written your PIN number. Together with this, they stole the piece of paper, on which you wrote your User ID and password.
    To make things worse, a spy camera watched your last access.
    Ordinarily, this would not be a Good Situation. However, if your bank is incorporating the authentication method shown at , there is no way the thieves can access your accounts.
    The site features a fraudproof ATM and online trading application on the demo pages.
    Worth a look?
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