Video: NCR mobile shopper app provides consumers a link to the POS

Feb. 18, 2013

In the relationship between consumers and merchants, it's at the point of sale where the magic happens; it's at the register where the relationship reaches its (hopefully) happy conclusion. And it's here that a mobile payment method must prove its worth, providing an interaction that is quick and secure.

Until now, there was a divide between consumers and merchants at the point of sale. In general, merchants had their payment and equipment providers; consumers had issuing bank and card brands. But NCR is reaching across that divide. The company, which is in the business of putting point-of-sale equipment on merchants' counters, is hoping to put an application in the hands of consumers that will interact with the point of sale, making it possible for consumers to plan, shop and pay from their mobile devices.

At this year's National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City, NCR showed off its mobile shopper app to Mobile Payments Today's sister site Retail Customer Experience. Dan White, director of retail mobile solutions for NCR, discussed how the app lets consumers scan items in the aisles, connects those items to offers and coupons, and then lets consumers check themselves out by paying with their mobile wallet. 

A video of White discussing the app with Mobile Payments Today contributing editor Cherryh Butler is below:

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