As mobile self-service apps become more commonplace with consumers, it is up to businesses to determine how best to use the tools to their advantage, according to The mobile approach has many advantages, if done correctly.

As the excerpt below explains:

To realize the full potential of mobile apps for self-service, businesses must make a fundamental shift in their orientations and attitudes, focusing on the customer's needs and providing capabilities to help them do what they want to do rather than trying to deter them from calling service agents. It is essential that these apps make full use of the advanced features of smartphones and tablets, particularly the touchscreen, display and selection techniques, and location intelligence, to enhance the customer experience.

To cater to the mobile customer, companies need to deploy a complete mobile platform that allows them to build constant improvement into customer service capabilities, to differentiate their offerings and result in stronger customer bonds. Customers are going mobile and they're going social, but they still expect an exemplary service experience. This is where customer service needs to be.

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    I am ardently opposed to any self-service checkout in stores, as are thousands of others. (We currently boycott stores with self-check stations.) They jammed self-serve gas pumps down our throat, eliminating the 'service' and forcing us to get dirty and wet and cold.... And we do not want this either. We are paying stores to provide us products and the service of providing those products. Checking ourselves means we are doing work for them -- and they don't pay me for doing their work (and I get $95/hr for our service).
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