The road to mobile payment success is paved with loyalty rewards.

Case in point: Jersey Mike's Subs.

According to a story on, Jersey Mike's new Sub Club Rewards Program yielded 200,000 members nationwide in one month — that's 200,000 customers who have signed up to earn free subs and receive special offers since the program launched in April.

The program gives users a "cardless alternative" that offers the option to receive a mobile member ID tag and sticker that utilizes NFC technology. Customers simply tap a reader at the register to facilitate identification and add points to their membership.

The post said both the card and cardless options offer virtually 100 percent participation as customers simply need a phone number to sign up.

"Jersey Mike's is a 56-year-old company using the latest technology to reward our loyal customers," said Jersey Mike's Subs CMO Rich Hope. "The Sub Club Rewards Program is getting rave reviews because it is a super-convenient award system which allows our local store owners to connect directly with their best customers."

Jersey Mike's created and launched the program in-house and relies on SkyPop, a mobile marketing platform, to power it. The platform provides advantages to franchise owners who can deliver national, regional or hyperlocal messages to their customers through easy-to-use templates, the post said.

Along with messaging, a real-time dashboard gives the company a view of their unique membership profile and specific restaurant traffic. It can also direct membership information, special offers and ad campaigns to members via opt-in mobile phone text messaging services and/or a free Jersey Mike's Sub Club mobile application, available for iPhone and Android phones, the post said.

For more stories like this, visit the Loyalty Programs research center.

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